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Adam Rodriguez

Adam Rodriguez is a respected criminal defense attorney providing services throughout the San Joaquin Valley. Having successfully defended clients in many counties, Mr. Rodriguez has began accepting cases in Merced County, Los Banos, and the surrounding areas. Mr. Rodriguez has been featured on Central Valley Talk Live providing his insight into the legal community,  After graduating with distinction from San Joaquin College of Law Mr. Rodriguez worked with the Fresno Public Defenders office followed by the Alternate Defense office in the juvenile delinquency division.. After leaving the Alternate Defense Office Mr. Rodriguez became employed in Madera County with Ciummo and Associates where his trial skills and advocacy for his clients quickly propelled him to the major crimes unit. Mr. Rodriguez has significant criminal law experience having conducted approximately 25 Jury trials ranging from driving under the influence to homicide; his ability to communicate with the courts and all the justice partners to achieve the best results for his clients is well known throughout the legal community.

We Take a Compassionate Approach to Your Case

Acting swiftly and aggressively towards your case could be the difference between a dismissal and a conviction. Witnesses move, memories fade and visual evidence gets lost or erased. Hiring an aggressive attorney helps ensure that investigation is conducted properly and swiftly. I use experienced investigators that will work hard to find the truth. We understand that the police often times fail to talk to all witness and only document small portions of statements. Without an aggressive approach to your case the full story of your case may never be known.

Being convicted of a violent crime can lead to lengthy terms of imprisonment. If you are charged with a violent crime you will want to be represented by an attorney that has the experience and skill needed to avoid a lengthy sentence. Not all attorneys have the background to handled such complex cases especially when the consequences can be so drastic. Adam Rodriguez has not only handled violent crime cases but has had them dismissed, clients found not guilty or had the charges greatly reduced.

Our Firm Will Stand By Your Side

When you are facing criminal charges you will want the best. Adam Rodriguez has a reputation as an outstanding young attorney and a fierce advocate for his clients. Mr. Rodriguez has the experience to handle and achieve results in the most complicated criminal matters. Call today for your free consultation, ask for Adam.

Serving Fresno, Madera, and Merced County

PRACTICE AREAS: Sex Crimes - Theft Related Crimes - Federal Crimes - Driving Under the Influence - Expungements - State Prison Offenses - Violent Crimes - Sealing Juvenile Records - Juvenile Crimes - Traffic Related Crimes - Appeals - Personal Injury -

The only source of knowledge is experience

Mr. Rodriguez has handled thousands of criminal cases in Fresno, Madera, Tulare and Merced County including penal code violations of 187, 211, 288(a), 269(a)(1), 4591st degree and health and safety code violations of 11377(a), 11350(a), 11378(a), 11351, and 11360(a). When it matters the most you will want someone with experience.

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