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When I'm I not eligible for Probation in Fresno, Merced, and Madera County?

If you are convicted of any of the crimes below and you are also convicted of using a firearm in commission of those offenses you are then ineligible for probation. Most other felonies a person is presumptivly eligible for probation without limitations, however, there are certain convictions that make a person presumptively  ineligible for probation. However, even if a person is presumptively ineligible for probation a person may still be granted probation if its an unusual case and in the interest of justice.

Penal Code 1203.6 Persons Not to be Granted Probation or Suspended Sentence.

(a) Notwithstanding any other provisions of law, probation shall not be granted to, nor shall the execution or imposition of sentence be suspended for, nor shall a finding bringing the defendant within this section be stricken pursuant to Section 1385 for, any of the following persons:

(1) Any person who personally used a firearm during the commission or attempted commission of any of the following crimes:

(a) Murder

(b) Robbery, in violation of Section 211

(c) Kidnapping, in violation of Section 207, 209, or 209.5.

(d) Lewd or lascivious act, in violation of Section 288

(e) Burglary of the first degree, as defined in section 460.

(f) Rape, in violation of Section 261, 262, or 264.1.

(g) Assault with intent to commit a specified sexual offense, in violation of Section 220.

(h) Escape, in violation of Section 4530 or 4532

(i) Carjacking, in violation of Section 215

(j) Aggravated mayhem, in violation of Section 205.

(k) Torture, in violation of Section 206.

(l) Continuous sexual abuse of a child, in violation of Section 288.5.

(m) A felony violation of Section 136.1 or 137.

(n) Sodomy, in violation of Section 286.

(o) Oral Copulation, in violation of Section 288a

(p) Sexual penetration, in violation of Section 289 or, 264.1.

(q) Aggravated sexual assault of a child, in violation of Section 269.

(2) Any person previously convicted o fa felony specified in paragraph (1), or assault with intent to commit murder under former Section 217, who is convicted of a subsequent felony and who was personally armed with a firearm at any time during its commission or attempted commission or was unlawfully armed with a firearm at the time of his or her arrest for subsequent felony.

(3) Aggravated arson, in violation of Section 451.5.

(b)(1) The existence of any fact that would make a person ineligible for probation under subdivision (a) shall be alleged in the accusatory pleading, and either admitted by the defendant in open court, or found to be true by the trier of fact.

(2) As used in subdivision (a), "used a firearm" means to display a firearm in a menacing manner, to intentionally fire it, to intentionally strike or hit a human being with it, or to use in any manner that qualifies under Section 12022.5.

(3) As used in subdivision (a), "armed with a firearm" means to knowingly carry or have available for use a firearm as a means of offense or defense.

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