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Is it important that your Attorney conducts investigation in your criminal case?

The simple answer is yes! Without conducting an investigation in your case your attorney would be relying entirely on the police reports. Officer's can only write down so much, often times the police report only represents a fraction of what actually occurred. What is more concerning is that in many situations there are potential witnesses that are never interviewed. Officers are either to busy to take everyone's statement and or those witnesses are not favorable to a conviction so they are simply dismissed as not important. It is imperative that investigation be conducted in each and every case, without conducting an independent investigation your essentially putting all of your trust in the contents of your police investigation.

Does your attorney's retainer fee include investigation?

Hiring a good attorney is important, however, you need to make sure that "good" attorney has a equally good investigator. You will also need to make sure that when you are consulting with potential attorney's regarding your matter you ask them about their investigator. You need to inquire whether their fees include investigation costs and if so how much of the fees are directed towards investigation. Often times the money you pay an attorney is is just and none of the retainer fees include investigation. If a person scrapes their money together to hire the attorney of their choosing and down the road that same attorney asks for an additional $1,500 for investigation you may find yourself unable to afford such investigation. What you are left with is a good attorney who has no tools to actually defend you.

Is an attorney still affordable with investigation?

You need an aggressive and intelligent defense at an affordable price. In part an aggressive defense has to include investigation, if not then where is the aggression? Simply having your attorney getting loud in court and arguing with the court and district attorney is not aggressive. An aggressive defense is an offensive approach. If you have no investigation you have no offense because your entire proceeding depends on the facts of the police report. When your in a fight you can't win with a good defense you need to throw a punch. The bottom line is make sure your attorney has a good investigator and make sure your retainer fee includes investigation. Remember, an aggressive defense requires investigation.

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