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Being charged with a DUI can be very frighting and costly. What most individuals do not understand is that once they are arrested for a DUI they must act swiftly to avoid an automatic suspension of there California drivers license. When a person is arrested they generally have 10 days to request an administrative per se hearing with the DMV. The purpose of the administrative per se hearing is to determine whether the arrested persons California drivers license will be suspended. If a persons fails to request such a hearing within 10 days then the DMV will generally issue an automatic suspension.

Hiring an attorney within 10 days of being arrested is imperative. An experienced attorney can request your hearing and can request that the DMV issue a stay on your license so that you will be able to maintain your license until your hearing is ruled upon. More importantly such a hearing allows your attorney to review the discovery far in advance of any criminal court case. The admin per se hearing may also provide your attorney an opportunity to cross examine the arresting officer related to your case. Reviewing the discovery in advance and the ability to question the officer apart from any criminal proceedings offers a strategic advantaged over the district attorney who is prosecuting your case.

Adam Rodriguez has handled thousands of Driving Under the Influence cases and has won countless admin per se hearings allowing his clients to maintain there California drivers license. Call today for a free consultation.

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Mr. Rodriguez has handled thousands of criminal cases in Fresno, Madera, Tulare and Merced County including penal code violations of 187, 211, 288(a), 269(a)(1), 4591st degree and health and safety code violations of 11377(a), 11350(a), 11378(a), 11351, and 11360(a). When it matters the most you will want someone with experience.

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