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Often times I get asked the question, "do I need a lawyer?" My response is always yes. The fact is if you are reaching out to a local lawyer to seek advice that means that their is problem or potiental problem. That "problem" is of such concern that you took the time either to search the web, thumb through the yellow pages, or ask personal friends and family if they know of a good lawyer, and once you identify a lawyer you take time out of your day for a consultation. If you have gone through all of those steps and taken time out of your day to consult with an attorney, its because you have concerns that you are unable to deal with on your own. 

I often tell people the faster you retain the services of an attorney the faster you can help remove yourself from your negative circumstance. Recently, a potiental client came into my office several months ago regarding some minor misdemeanor warrants, in essence, I exlplained to him that he needed to retain an attorney to help clear the warrants and to help keep him free from custody. I was honest with him and said the judge could remand you into custody but because the charges are minor there is a chance he won't. I was not retained in the matter, several months later I recieved multiple calls from him and his family that he had been remanded in jail and he desperitly wants to retain your services. At the time that this blog is being written he is currently spending his fourth night in jail and is hoping to retain me by the end of the day. The moral of the story is, if you take the time to consult a lawyer, then yes you need a lawyer. 

In order to achieve the best possible result in your criminal case then retain an attorney and take the fight to them. 

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Mr. Rodriguez has handled thousands of criminal cases in Fresno, Madera, Tulare and Merced County including penal code violations of 187, 211, 288(a), 269(a)(1), 4591st degree and health and safety code violations of 11377(a), 11350(a), 11378(a), 11351, and 11360(a). When it matters the most you will want someone with experience.

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