Reaction to Fresno's most recent Domestic Violence murder-suicide

Unfortuntly, Fresno recently experinced a horriffic doemstic violence incident that ended in the murder of Zyang Vang and the sucide of her former spouse, Neng Moua. The murder-sucide represents the worst of the domestic violence relationship and is an example of what can happen in these types of relationships built on cycles of violence. As a result of this horriffic tragedy many in the public and media have begun to question our judicial response to these types of incidents. The media's reaction is to bring the former couples history to the public in order to demonsrate that we should have known this will occur. Sadly, this is extremely flawed logic.

I have handled thousands of domestic violence related cases and to that end the vast majority do not end in such tragedy. I can assure the public that our judicial response to these incidents is apporiate in terms of punishment and rehabilitation. The court requires as a 52 week batters treatment program as part of probation and usually despite the wishes of the party require that the involved couple stay away from each other sometime after the event. The district attorney's that prosecute these cases are well trained and are nearly immuned to victims recanting there original statements. These prosecuters understand the cycle involved in these types of cases and they know that by the time the defendent goes to court the victims are no longer intrested in prosecuting. 

Judges are also seasoned. I have personally been apart of cases were the victim testifies and states under oath that the event did not occur and provide an explanation regarding the circumstances that lead to the arrest. Despite the victims recanting their story the judge will still make a finding that enough evidence exists, I have even seen judges go as far as saying, "I dont beleive a word your saying." 

I hope as a result of this recent domestic violence murder in Fresno, that the public and media don'tstart to blame our judicial system for "not seeing the warning signs." Trust me they all saw the warning signs, I'm sure they all realized that the couple was involved in a domestic violence relationship and I can assure you that our goverment did what they could to prevent. At a certian point responsibility needs to fall on those involved and their individual support systems. We need to stop this notion that a tradedy requires somesort of goverment reaction or a change of laws.

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