Fresno Criminal Attorney offering Free Consultation

I offer Free Consultations: 

 Adam Rodriguez offers hisclients free consultation. Talking to clients about their cases should not cost you anything. We will gladly take time and sit down with you to discuss your case. Remember you should treat your initial consultation as a job interview, its an important decision and you should only hire an attorney you feel comfortable with. I have been an attorney for over 5 years and I do  not understand why other attorney's charge for consultation, do they believe that it is a privilege to share their time with you? You must remember you are the one interviewing us.

If you find yourself facing criminal charges in the Fresno area then call today for a free no hassle consultation, if we can't help you we will point you in the right direction.

Serving Fresno, Madera, and Merced County

PRACTICE AREAS: Sex Crimes - Theft Related Crimes - Federal Crimes - Driving Under the Influence - Expungements - State Prison Offenses - Violent Crimes - Sealing Juvenile Records - Juvenile Crimes - Traffic Related Crimes - Appeals - Personal Injury -

The only source of knowledge is experience

Mr. Rodriguez has handled thousands of criminal cases in Fresno, Madera, Tulare and Merced County including penal code violations of 187, 211, 288(a), 269(a)(1), 4591st degree and health and safety code violations of 11377(a), 11350(a), 11378(a), 11351, and 11360(a). When it matters the most you will want someone with experience.

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